About Alex Deering

J. Alex Deering is your average Philadelphian. He doesn’t come from a legacy of politicians nor does he have a high profile, or high paying job. Alex is an everyday Philadelphian dedicated to engaging and empowering his neighbors to create positive, lasting change in his community.

Born in Mt. Holly, NJ and raised in his grandmother’s church, Alex’s first passion was music. An accomplished jazz singer, Alex spent much of his youth touring with various vocal ensembles. However, when he was given an opportunity to intern in a Youth Detention Facility for the Children’s Defense Fund, Alex discovered a deep-seeded desire to change the world and entered public service. In 2011, Alex came to Philadelphia to pursue a degree in Political Science at Temple University and fell in love with his North Philadelphia community. Currently serving as the Democratic Committeeperson of the 16th Ward, 6th Division, Alex has stepped up to become a community advocate focused on driving economic development and innovative educational initiatives.

Alex seeks to transform North Philadelphia by fostering an environment where citizens are aware of their government offices, and those who seek to obtain them. He desires to make the 181st legislative district a better place for everyone by ensuring their voices are heard and real change is implemented. He is passionate about addressing the issues that are keeping the residents in his neighborhood from keeping pace with the changing economy, with a special focus on educational, economic and social justice.